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With the explosion of big data in the modern age, even basic eDiscovery is becoming increasingly complicated.  When more complex issues such as data privacy regulations, both domestic and international, as well as non-standard data types, are introduced, navigating these waters can become murky at best.  At United Litigation Discovery, we guide you through these murky waters along every step of the EDRM spectrum to ensure your success on the eDiscovery front.  We also understand that despite the rise of big data, clients still struggle with traditional paper discovery and the special challenges that it brings.  Our expertise and services span the traditional to the modern, bridging the gap and providing solutions around both hard copy and electronic data.

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We are a truly full service eDiscovery and litigation services provider that will simplify and organize the discovery process into one neat package to save you both time and costs without sacrificing quality. Whether you need traditional paper discovery services or have eDiscovery needs, our industry experts will arm you with the insider knowledge that comes with decades of experience across multiple industries and myriad organizations. Click on our services to find out more.

Even with basic data collection, the right tools and methods can mean the difference between successful data acquisition and a court sanction. Our forensic experts handle the most basic data collection to the most complicated forensic services in legally defensible and forensically sound manner to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. From a detailed chain of custody to expert testimony, we have every aspect of the process covered….



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Along with standard tools like email thread analysis, near duplicate analysis and concept clustering, we also utilize state of the art analytics tools, such as Brainspace and NexLP, to help you reduce and prioritize your data set.  With decades of experience amongst our data analytics consultants and project managers, we will help you get to the heart of your cases faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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With blazing fast processing turnaround times, you’ll be able to see and search your data in Relativity in no time at all.  And our seasoned project management team will help you design your database exactly the way you want it so that it’s easy and intuitive for your team.

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Whether you’re looking for relevant data, privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII), our experts will be able to tailor the workflow to maximize your time and resources, utilizing the most advanced tools and strategies available.  Auto-redactions with Blackout and repeated content filtering are just a couple of the tools that will enable you to save on time and costs.

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Our project management team can guide you through your review and consult on the best and most cost-effective ways accomplish your deadlines. Each case is assigned a project manager who is familiar with electronic and traditional discovery.

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We offer a full suite of services to serve all of your hard copy data needs.  From printing and scanning to objective coding, we can help you bridge the gap between e-data and paper data.

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Our team has witnessed the evolution of the digital discovery age and have gained valuable experience.


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